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i can't decide what i want to do with my hair. [Tuesday
August 1st, 2006]
hi! first time posting on this community. 
i'm thinking about getting my hair cut.
i like it long, but it's getting boring. 
and i've never really had short hair before...

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November 26th, 2005]

gooood morning, dearies. i guess i should say good afternoon, but oh well.

it's saturday and it feels like sunday and that we should be going back to school tomorrow. but, we still have another 4 days off. yay! last night i went to uncle albert's with nicole, mom, dad and the pribbles. then we went to the pribbles house. nicole and i just stayed up in their room above their garage. which is one of the coolest things i've ever seen. the couch = amazing

we came home, nicole and i did nothing. i uploaded some new pictures (i have some new pictures on my myspace: www.myspace.com/_memorylane ) and nicole slept. then she woke up, and we talked. she yelled at me for talking to her while we were trying to sleep, but she kept talking back. (i know she secretly loves whenever i annoy her) as for today, i watched E!, VH1 and All Grown Up. fun. i need to take a shower because i feel grossss.


so, uh, i'll write later. if my boredom keeps continuing, i'll do some surveys. w00p w00p. and i have a lot of homework to do, too. buttt yeah.

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November 24th, 2005]
happy thanksgiving.
i hope everyone has a great time spending time on the couch, watching sports, and waiting for dinner.
because, i know i'll have a fantastic time doing that, myself
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I <3333 SURVEYS [Monday
November 7th, 2005]
Chapter 1: The Basics
Initials: ASF
Middle name: SUSANNE
Nickname(s): SUPE, AMYSUE, AS
Date of birth: 10-31
Star sign: SCORPIO
Place of birth: WILLIAMSPORT
Current location: LH
Height: 5'
Weight: 112
Hair color: BRUNETTE
Eye color: BLUUUE
Piercings: EARS
Tattoos: NONE

Chapter 2: The Background
Mother's name: KAREN
Mother's occupation: SUBSTITUTE TEACHER
Mother's hometown: NEW BRIGHTON
Father's name: KEITH
Father's occupation: FOOD SALESMAN
Father's hometown: GLASSPORT
Do you live with your parents? YES I DO
Do you get along with your parents? YES
Are you parents married/separated/divorced? MARRIED
Do you have any siblings? YES, ADAM
What pets do you have? 1 CAT, DAISY & 1 DOG, HENRY
Did you grow up in a different plance then where you are now? NO
Where did you spend your summers as a child? AT HOME/ OCNJ
What was the name of your elementary school? L.H.CATHOLIC SCHOOL
Who were your best friends in elementary school? SARAH
Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school? MRS. COOPER/MISS FORTIN
What was your best memory from elementary school? A LOT
Worst memory? BLAH, THOSE FIGHTS
What was the name of your junior high? CENTRAL MOUNTAIN M.S.
Who were your best friends? NICOLE, JULIEN, KATELYN
Who was your favorite teacher? MRS. DICKEY/MR.ELDRED/MS. DANGLE/MR.ECKLEY
What was your best memory? 7TH GRADE = <3
Worst memory? 8TH GRADE
What was the name of your high school? IT'S CMHS
Who were your best friends? --
Who was your favorite teacher? --
What was your best memory? --
Worst memory? --
Out of elementary, junior high, or high school, which did you like best? JUNIOR HIGH
Did you ever go to the same school as your siblings? NOT YET
Did you ever go to the same school as your parents? NOPE
What is your family's cultural heritage? 50% GERMAN, 25% ITALIAN&IRISH

Chapter 3: The Favorites
city: NYC
vacation spot: OCNJ
food: PASTA
dessert: TERIMASOU (SP?)
drink: MILK
alcoholic drink: BLAH
place to eat: OLIVE GARDEN
ice cream flavor: MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP
season: SPRING
holiday: HALLOWEEN
clothing brand: H&M
make up brand: ?
shampoo/conditioner: PANTENE PRO-V/HERBAL ESSENCES
supermodel: I DON'T KNOW
athlete: HINES WARD
athletic team: STEELERS
old nickelodeon show: SALUTE YOUR SHORTS
number: 24
color: TEAL
word: SUPER
magazine: TEEN VOGUE
language: SPANISH
country: I DON'T KNOW
flower: POPPIES
girls name: SADIE
boys name: JACK/XAVIER

Chatper 4: This or That
lefty/righty: RIGHTY
rock/country: ROCK
diamonds/pearls: DIAMONDS
blondes/brunettes: BRUNETTES
new york/montana: N.Y.
usa/canada: USA
gold/silver: SILVER
hummer limo/stretch: STRETCH
gatorade/powerade: GATORADE
diet coke/regular: REG.
chicken fingers/chicken nuggets: FINGERS
mcdonalds/burger king: BURGER KING
subway/taco bell: HM, TACO BELL
gravol/pepto bismol: PEPTO BISMOL
plane/train: PLANE
skiing/snowboarding: SKIING
ciff diving/shark diving: SHARK
east coast/west coast: BOTH
marissa/summer: SUMMER
Bush/Kerry: NEITHER?
Britney/Christina: X-TINA
Lindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff: HILARY DUFF
The OC/Laguna Beach: LAGUNA BEACH
Flintstones/Jetsons: FLINTSTONES
Full House/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: FRESH PRINCE
Growing Pains/Boy Meets World: OMGOMGOMG...I CAN'T CHOOSE!
Brady Bunch/Partridge Family: BRADY BUNCH
peanut butter/jelly: PEANUT BUTTER
creamy/crunchy: CREAMY
red rover/capture the flag: CAPTURE THE FLAG
mother may i/simon says: SIMON SAYS
lake/pool: BOTH
snow day/spring day: SPRING DAY
chihuahua/bernese mountain dog: CHIHUAHUA
London/Paris: LONDON
shower/bath: SHOWER
love/money: LOVE
Nike/Adidas: NIKE
peanuts/crackerjacks: CRACKERJACKS
fruity pebbles/cocoa puffs: FRUIT PEBBLES
Target/WalMart: TARGET
Blahnik/Birkenstock: BIRKENSTOCK
Chanel/Louis Vuitton: CHANEL
Janice Dickinson/Twiggy: TWIGGY
city mouse/country mouse: CITY
winter olympics/summer olympics: SUMMER
apples/bananas: APPLES
color/colour: COLOUR

Chapter 5: Do You ...
Sing in the shower? YES
Write memos on your hand? YEPP
Call people back? SOMETIMES
Have your driver's license? NO
Believe in love? MMHMMM
Knock on wood? YES
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? YES
Speak another language? NOT FLUENTLY
Have citizenship to more than one country? NO
Think you're attractive? SOMETIMES
Wear glasses or contacts? GLASSES SOMETIMES
Have any weird hobbies? NOT REALLY

Chapter 6: Have You Ever ...
Gone skinny dipping? YES
Worn braces? NO
Smoked a cigarette? NOPE
Smoked a cigar? NOPE
Smoked anything else? NEVER
Broken a bone? NO
Had stitches? NO
Kissed a member of the same sex? UM, YES
Shoplifted? NOPE
Punched someone in the face? NAH
Skipped school? NO
Flown first class? NO
Traveled to another continent? NOPE
Used racial slurs? I HOPE I HAVEN'T...
Taken painkillers? NO
Taken sleeping pills? MAYBE?
Ridden in a limousine? NO
Gone SCUBA diving? NOPE
Been stung by a jellyfish? PLENTY
Been stung by a bee? YES
Thrown up in a restaurant? NO?
Made a snow angel? DUR
Been to overnight camp? NO
Written a letter to Santa Claus? OF COURSE
Sworn in front of your parents? YES
Had detention? NOPE
Been sent ot the principal's office? NOPE
Screamed "penis" at the top of your lungs? NOO
Made a prank phone call? WHO HASN'T?
Been to the opposite end of the country? NO
Been called a bitch? YES'SUM
Been called a whore? I DON'T THINK SO
Been called prude? PROBABLY
Slept naked? PRETTY NAKED
Gone streaking? CAN'T SAY I HAVE
Played ding dong ditch? HAHAH, AT ONE HOUSE THIS HALLOWEEN
Climbed a tree? YES
Been kissed under the mistletoe? NOPE
Had a threesome? HAH, NO

Chapter 7: Pick Your Perfect ...
pizza: CHEESE
sandwich: HMM?
sundae: BANANA
date: I'M NOT SURE
outfit: "

Chapter 8: Random
If you could take back one thing, what would it be? BREAKING UP WITH *HOLDS PINKY UP*
Would you rather win an Oscar or the Nobel Prize? NOBEL PEACE PRIZE
What time do you get up in the morning? 6:30
What time do you go to sleep? WHENEVER
If you could bring 5 items with you to a deserted island, what would they be? A HOTTIE, BIG TUB OF FOOD&DRINKING WATER, FUZZY, CD/CD PLAYER, A BOAT
Do you prefer blonde hair or brown hair? BROWN
What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done? SLEPT WITH A BOY (BUT NOT SEXUALLY)
If you were on death row, what would your final request be for your last meal? BEEF&BROCOLI AND EGG-DROP SOUP FROM THE BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT AND A NICE BIG GLASSS OF MILK
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? ATHENS, GREECE
Name 5 people in history that you want to meet: MLK,JR. JOHN LENNON, ...AND I DONT FEEL LIKE THNKING ANY MORE
Make three wishes:
If you could be anything/one you want, who/what would you be?
If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
If the world floods and you can only save 1 species, it would be:
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?
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November 7th, 2005]
1> Instead of asking a crapload of "what's your favourite" questions, do you have a favourite? faveorite question? nope

2> Cake or icecream? ice cream cake!

3> Football? <3

4> What's the point of owning a bunch of 'things'? when you're bored, you can look at them

5> Are you a material girl? sometimes

6> And your sign is? scorpio

7> Make a sentence using "strawberries": Strawberries remind me of summertime & chicken pocks

8> Do you still use floppies? floppy disks? yes

9> Does anyone you know not know what a floppy is? Um?

10> Floppy sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it? I don't think

11> Aside from the fourth of July, when do you play with firecrackers? Whenever someone has them

12> Ever chewed ABC gum? Yes

13> The first movie that pops into your head: Garden State

14> Would you rather wear glasses or contacts? Sure

15> Do you often fall in-love? Not often

16> Does it last? Sometimes

17> Are you proud of your sexuality? Fo' sho'

18> Does it show? I don't know

19> Can you name one love song? I can think of tons, I just can't think of their titles

20> Name a cartoon you watched as a child: DOUG!

21> Is "finder's keepers, losers weapers" just? Nah

22> Have you ever worked with the mentally disabled? Nope

23> If not, would you want to? Sure

24> Is abortion a touchy subject with you? Yes

25> Do you really believe that black and white aren't colours? No

26> Are you party crazed? Nope

27> Would you ever move in with someone you've never met? Depends on the situation

28> If above question is answered with yes: Are you legally insane? Blah?!

29> Have you ever been institutionalized? Maybe? I don't know what that means

30> Can acne cream be used for anything other than the treatment of acne? Probably

31> Drugs are amusing or naughty? Naughty

32> Anxiety ridden? Maybe

33> Stressed much? Nahh

34> When you were in your teens (or if you are), would your parents leave you home alone if they left for a couple weeks? Psh, no

35> If you broke a friends vase (or other fragile item), would you attempt to glue it together or be honest and admit you broke it? Both

36> Would you ever literally kill someone? No, I don't think I could live with the grief

37> What one thing do you feel strongest about? World Peace...tehe

38> Do you use a digital camera or old film camera? Both

39> Do you own over 200 CD's? Nope..not alone, anyways

40> Do you find yourself over obsessed with anything? Yes, many things

41> Do you believe in positive and negative energy? Very much so

42> Ever met a succubus? No?

43> Do you spend time taking pictures or are you the one in the pictures? Both

44> Do you keep a paper journal? Whenever I feel like it, yes

45> Do you have excessive use for coloured construction paper? Yepp

46> Have you ever built a card mansion? Can't say I have

47> When shopping, are you in-and-out or shop-till-ya-drop? Shop-till-I-Drop, yo

48> If you're listening to music or watching tv/a movie, what word/phrase was said... now? "Because of you, I never strayed too far from the sidewalk..."

49> Who said that word? Clark Kelson. Haha

50> How do you feel about the zoo? I like it, but poor animals

51> New Orleans and the proposed gas tax? Hm?

52> Ever gotten a mosquito bite in an unsettling place? No

53> If yes, where? Booger

54> Do you keep food colouring in the house? Yeah

55> What is your learning style? "Visual"

56> Do you favor a dog breed over the others? Yorkies, duh!

57> Do you look down on people from The South? No

58> What animal, do you believe, has the sharpest nails? Porcupines.?!

59> Ever been attacked by a moth? Nooo

60> Does the Mothman frighten you? NO!

50 Stereotypes about girls....
"X" the ones that apply to you.

[x] 1. we dig axe
[x] 2. we're as afraid of you as you are of us
[x] 3. we try to impress you most of the time
[x] 4. we flirt alot if we like you
[x] 5. we flirt alot
[] 6. the one thing we like more than you, are shoes
[] 7. we dont understand "guy talk"
[x] 8. we LOVE hugs
[x] 9. we hate it when youre ignorant
[x] 10. were not that girly, at all
[] 11. we hate hardcore action movies
[x] 12. we giggle 24/7
[] 13. we are scared of almost anything
[x] 14. we dont always like the "tall dark and handsome" guy
[x] 15. AIM is our life
[x] 16. you see our myspace layout? its our 865412875th one
[] 17. we ALWAYS think we're fat
[x] 18. our personalities change in highschool
[xxx] 19. we have celebrity "boyfriends"
[x] 20. were scared of clowns
[] 21. and were scared of the dark
[] 22. and were scared of spiders
[] 23. we HATE horror movies
[x] 24. we're not sluts
[x] 25. we take things alot more serious then it seems
[x] 26. we run around our house in baggy shirts and our underwear
[x..HAHA] 27. during sleep overs, we talk about the guys we'd go all the way with
[] 28. we arent athletic
[x]29. we trust you more than our girl friends
[x] 30. we are conceited, we just dont like to admit it
[x] 31. we cover ourselves in foundation
[x] 32. no matter how nice we are, we CAN be bitches
[x] 33. we love being scared
[x] 34. cuddling is our specialty
[] 35. we LOVE cars
[x] 36. we hate alot of people
[x] 37. we cat fight
[] 38. we scream when were mad
[x] 39. we dont squeal when we break a nail
[] 40. we BREAK things down when were mad
[] 41. we love to talk about our boobs
[] 42. the food in expensive resturaunts always taste better
[x] 43. bubble baths sooth us
[x] 44. when we dont know what to say on the phone, we sigh
[x] 45. we are serious people...most of the time
[x] 46. our hair is part of who we are
[x] 47. we can eat a lot
[] 48. we hate cartoons
[x] 49. our cell phones are our best friend
[] 50. we love the color pink

FIRST thing to do before going to sleep: GO TO THE BATHROOM


FIRST primary school: LHCS?

FIRST alcoholic drink u had: DON'T REMEMBER

FIRST time u entered a bar: I DON'T KNOW

FIRST time u were sent to the principal for disciplinary action: NEVER

FIRST record u bought: PROBABLY NSYNC

FIRST musical instrument u learned to play: I HAD DRUM LESSONS BEFORE

FIRST concert u watched: 98 DEGREES

FIRST sport you played: BASKETBALL

FIRST terrible fight: I DON'T REMEMBER

FIRST best friend: KATHERINE

FIRST wedding u've attended: UM, AUNT KATE'S?

FIRST person who greeted u on your last birthday: MOM&DAD

FIRST collection: NONE, REALLY

FIRST time u saw a ghost: I DON'T KNOW?

FIRST roller coaster ride: THE PHOENIX @ KNOBLES

FIRST ambition: I DON'T KNOW


FIRST thing u bought with your 1st salary: ?

FIRST thing u bought today: AN ITALIAN SUB

FIRST person u hated: I DON'T KNOW

LAST concert u watched: HAHA

LAST book you bought: APOCALIPSTICK

LAST thing you bought: A SUB

LAST tv show watched: W&G

LAST movie you watched: GARDEN STATE

LAST time u traveled out of the country: WHEN I WAS 5


LAST argument: TODAY

LAST thought: ******
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super fun [Sunday
October 2nd, 2005]
1. If you won the lottery, would you consider donating a percentage of the money?: YES
2. Would you consider getting Botox injections to your armpits to decrease sweating?: YES!
3. Do you wear a lot of corduroy?: SOMETIMES
4. Does the weather have a very large impact on your moods?: YEAH
5. If you had a child, do you think your child would have any reason to be ashamed of you?: I DON'T THINK SO
6. Do you buy eggnog around the holidays?: NO
7. Did you play cowboys and Indians when you were a small child?: NOPE
8. Do you watch your neighbors from your windows?: HAH, SOMETIMES
9. Do you live within 5 miles of a lake?: NO
10. Do you believe that personality is everything?: POSSIBLY?
11. When someone says they love you, do you natrually want to say it back, even if you don't mean it?: YES
12. Do you have any real reason to be depressed?: NOT REALLY
13. Do you have more respect for the United Nations or the United States? U.N.?
14. Is it concieted to consider oneself unique?: SURE
15. Would it fill your heart with joy to see other people crying for you?: MAYBE
16. Do you think the war in Iraq will end in 2005?: IT HASN'T YET...
17. Do you know anyone who has ever been held hostage?: NO
18. If your teenage son impregnated a girl, would you force him to do whatever it took to support her?: YES
19. Are angels creepy?: NO?
20. Do you think the New England accent is annoying?: NO
21. Which print do you prefer: leopard or zebra?: ZEBRA
22. Would you break up with someone if you thought they were too pompous and arrogant?: PROBABLY
23. If you saw a hurt animal, would you try and help it?: YES
24. Do you think there will be another terrorist attack now that Bush is re-elected?: THERE WAS, BUT IT WAS IN ENGLAND
25. Should a license be required to have children?: HUH?
26. When on an airplane, do you hope to meet someone interesting sitting near you?: YES
27. Do you come from a large family?: YEAH
28. Would you ever purposely let your country's flag touch the ground?: MOST LIKELY
29. Is it difficult for you to decline a date from someone you are not interested in?: DEPENDS
30. Are people in online relationships just fooling themselves?: CHYEAH
31. Does it bother you that Rhode Island isn't really an island?: I'VE NEVER REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT
32. If Hillary Clinton were to leave her husband, would your opinion on her go up or down?: UP
33. Do you ever run with scissors?: YEAH
34. Have you done something illegal today?: I DON'T THINK SO
35. Which is worse: Being labeled, or being a nobody?: BEING A NOBODY
36. Do you think someone will ever try to assasinate Michael Moore?: PROBABLY
37. What song are you listening to at this very second? (If you aren't listening to anything, turn on the radio.): GIRL ON THE WING- THE SHINS
38. Would you rather have a square or a round pizza?: SQUARE
39. Are you afraid of being famous for doing something stupid?: NO
40. If the Pope has a liver transplant, is he still infalliable?: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE MEANS
41. Has the world really changed that much since 9/11?: A LITTLE, MAYBE
42. Do you think the diary of Anne Frank is genuine?: YES
43. If your best friend's partner was bisexual, would you approve?: I'M NOT SURE
44. If Satan walked up to you on the street and offered you BBQ Chicken, would you accept his gift?: NO
45. Would you say that your country is liked by the rest of the world?: SOME PARTS
46. Do you feel like the majority of the world is ignorant?: YES
47. Do you help control anger by writing songs, poems, etc?: DRAWING, YES
48. Do you view bandanas as gang symbols?: HAHA, SOMETIMES
49. Do you need to "clean up your act"?: SOMETIMES
50. Do you have a celebrity crush?: YES, JUDE LAW & MATT DAMON & RIVER/JOAQUIN PHOENIX
51. Are you a good storyteller?: NO
52. Are your computer speakers usually turned on?: YES
53. Do you have a life dream that no one else knows about?: NOPE
54. Do puppies melt your heart?: YES
55. Do you think that someone who doesn't drink alcohol AT ALL is weird?: NO
56. Are you a racist scumbag?: NOPE
57. If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?: SUCCEED
58. Do you think Americans are scared of change?: YEAH
59. Are Vegan diets healthy?: I DON'T THINK SO
60. Do you enjoy watching shows that deal with forensics?: YES
61. At this rate, are you going to Heaven or Hell?: HEAVEN
62. Could there be a terrorist attack in your area?: POSSIBLY
63. Do you worry about food safety?: SOMETIMES
64. Can bitchy behavior be self-justified?: SURE?
65. Do you have over 100 people on your buddy list?: YES
66. Do you relax when you are around animals?: DEPENDS ON THE ANIMAL
67. Would you like to be able to read thoughts?: YES
68. In your opinion, is it wrong to say "Oh my God!"?: NO
69. Do you like your strawberries dipped in chocolate or covered in sugar?: BOTH
70. Do you think any hip hop songs have good messages in them?: YES
71. Do you feel sorry for Martha Stewart?: NOT REALLY
72. Do certain swear words just roll off your tongue?: YES
73. What hurts more, knife cuts or paper cuts?: PAPER CUTS
74. When you hug someone, do you wrap your arms around their neck or their waist?: THEIR NECK
75. Do you use your mind enough?: YEAH
76. Would you rather own a parrot or a hen?: PARROT
77. Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?: NOPE
78. Do you have any idea what you will be doing 10 years from now?: I'LL PROBABLY BE IN COLLEGE
79. Do you pre-plan your meals?: NO
80. Pet owners: If your pet was a human, would it be gay or straight?: VERY, VERY GAY
81. Would you like to be cloned?: HAHA, NO
82. Do you believe that your name fits your personality?: I THINIK SO
83. Were your parents born in the same decade?: YEAH
84. Do you exercise before you eat in the morning?: NAH
85. Were you a pround owner of a snap bracelet?: YES
86. Is it better to be single or in a relationship?: WELL, IT DEPENDS ON MY MOOD, REALLY
87. Do you think police officers have the right to use a stun gun on a 13-year old?: NO
88. Which is the better way to discipline a child: I HAVE NO IDEA
89. Would you let your child spend the night at Michael Jackson's house?: NOOO
90. Do you often forget what day it is?: YES
91. Do your grandparents play bingo a lot?: NO
92. Do you own a copy of Thriller by Michael Jackson?: YES
93. Do you prefer reading or writing?: READING
94. Do you prefer hamsters or gerbils?: HAMSTERS
95. Do you think animals have a religion?: NO?
96. Are you a powerful person?: POSSIBLY
97. Do you think marriage would change who you are?: MAYBE
98. Do you meddle in other peoples’ business?: UH-HUH
99. Do you think the teenagers who take abstinence vows are probably the ones that weren’t going to have sex in the first place?: YES
100. Are you ever attracted to your teachers?: SOMETIMES
101. Do you think your parents have always been faithful to each other?: NO?
102. Does the word "hello" seem formal to you?: YES
103. Do you think that schools should be allowed to ban un-natural colored hair?: NO
104. Is it possible to love someone and hate them at the same time?: YEPPER
105. Do your eyes change colors from time to time?: NO
106. When you sit really still, can you feel your pulse?: YEAH
107. Does cursive handwriting serve any real purpose nowadays?: YES, TO WRITE
108. Have you ever had melted cheese on your fries?: YEAH
109. Have you ever encountered a rude person in a wheelchair?: HAH, YES
110. Are you often the last one to understand a joke?: YES
111. Has your home been decorated by an interior designer?: PSH, NO
112. Do you believe in reincarnation?: SURE
113. Do you think the government was involved in 9/11?: NO
114. Would you ever kiss someone with no teeth?: NO
115. Do you wash your hair every day?: YES
116. If we keep making exceptions for homosexuals, do you think the next generation of homosexuals will be spoiled brats?: YES
117. Can experience be gained just by reading?: UM, SURE
118. Do you have any gay friends?: YES
119. Have you ever been to Stonehenge?: NO
120. Do you consider darts to be a sport?: NO
121. Your first black eye: Did you give it or get it?: NEVER HAD ONE
122. Is it always better to be safe than sorry?: NO
123. Do you look more at someone’s mouth or eyes when they are talking to you?: MOUTH, USUALLY
124. If you were around second-hand-smoke enough, would you be swayed to smoke yourself?: MAYBE?
125. Do you think anyone can be an actor?: NO
126. Okay, what song are you listening to now?: GET BY (REMIX)- TALIB KWELI
127. Do you talk just to hear yourself, even when you’re alone?: HAH, YES
128. Do you think you’ll ever visit the Clinton Library?: NO
129. Do you emotionally hurt people on purpose?: NO
130. Would you date a minister?: NO
131. On vacation, do you usually take more pictures of landscapes or buildings?: LANDSCAPES
132. Do you think pit bulls should be illegal to own?: SURE
133. Are your parents willing to help you through college?: YES
134. Is it obvious that one of your family members did drugs in the sixties?: SURE?
135. Do you think people worry to much about being open-minded?: NO
136. Are you offended when you see a visitor in your country wearing a crest of their flag?: NO
137. Would you rather master one language, or learn two languages and be average in them both?: AVERAGE IN BOTH
138. Do you think that Jesus was just a magician?: HAH, NO
139. Should ‘freak dancing’ be banned from school dances?: NO
140. If Fxcreated a sitcom starring Jennifer Lopez, would you watch it?: YEAH
141. Is your monthly cycle so regular that you always know which day you’re going to start?: NO?
142. Girls: Do you care that when you cry, your mascara runs?: SOMETIMES
143. Guys: Do you get all soft when you see a girl crying?: ---
144. Do you think baseball is a dying professional sport in America?: A LITTLE BIT
145. Should America get rid of the electoral college?: I DON'T KNOW
146. Can Lindsay Lohan really sing?: PSH, NO
147. Are you more creative alone, or with others?: ALONE
148. Does every family have a crazy uncle, or is it just mine?: EVERY FAMILY
149. Do you like green bean casserole?: YES
150. Have you ever smuggled anything in to America?: NO
151. Do you like to play dominos?: NO
152. Do you end up making a fool of yourself when you try flirting with someone you really like?: YEEEAH
153. Does playing the guitar make a guy more attractive?: YEAH
154. Do brain teasers make you feel dumb?: UH-HUH
155. Did you ever have an Easy Bake Oven?: YES!
156. Do you enjoy fishing?: NO
157. Do you think the Egyptians could have used wind to build the Pyramids?: HUH?
158. Beef or pork?: BOTH
159. Was this survey random enough for you?: VERY RANDOM
160. Is this the longest random survey you’ve ever taken?: I DON'T THINK SO
1. A verb: run
2. A place: The Franz House
3. A person: Mr.Eldred
4. A plant: Marijuana
5. An Animal: Henry
6. An adjective: softly
7. An emotion: depressed
8. A random item: a toe
9. Name of a famous person: Corey
10. Color: brown
11. Name of an uncommon sport: ping-pong
12. A Food: tortilla chips
13. A book title: Hoot
14. A Movie: Stand By Me
15. An object: a tie
16. Verb: talk
17. Band name: The Shins
18. Piece of clothing: tank top
19. Something you own: pants
20. Instrument: trombone
21. Number: 70
22. Shape: oval
23. A holiday: Halloween
24. An event: EcoFest
25. A direction (i.e west, north, south, right, left, etc.) Northwest

Fill in the blanks with your word from each corosponding number at the top.
1. You ______ to the library in California.
2. “I can’t believe that you actually went to ______, are you crazy?”
3. _____ attacks people with playing cards.
4. _____’s have been rumored to grow in the artic.
5. ______’s have been known to eat people.
6. The bear was so _______!
7. Looking at you fills me with _________.
8. I can spend hours just looking at ______.
9. _____ will play the villian in the next Spider-man movie.
10. The color of my tongue is ______.
11. They say that _____ is a very violent sport.
12. ______ is very healthy for you.
13. _____ has been banned from public libaries.
14. _____ is a very controversial movie.
15. He has a _____ hanging up in his room.
16. I ______ed all the way to school.
17. In the future _____ will put out five CD’s total.
18. She always goes past the jail house wearing _____ on her head.
19. I couldn’t live with my _____.
20. Elton Jonh is a master playing the ______.
21. There are _____ reasons to buy a used movie.
22. My face forms the shape of a ______.
23. ______ originated in the hills of Ukraine.
24. In some families, dancing around a campfire is a way to celebrate _______.
25. You go ______ from England to get to China.
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September 12th, 2005]
oh, how i missed LJ. i haven't updated since i got back from the beach & that was at the end of July. i've been negalecting (sp?) my LJ ever so much. julien updated, so i updated, too. i'm actually thinking about putting this link back into my info if i update more often.

nothing, really, has happened though since i last updated, which is pretty sad. basketball season has started & so has football games <3. i got a myspace, and honestly, that's why i haven't been updating. like LJ, it kinda controls you while your on the computer. haha.

i've been really busy, so don't be expecting me to update everyday. i have basketball either right after school or @ 5:15-6:30 & i have games every so often, i come home & do my homework. then i get on the computer for a little. blah. my room's really messy.

you know what? i think i miss having a boyfriend. i hate to say that, too, because i know when i have one, i don't really want one. i'm crazy. i need to hang out with J&N sometime soon, before i go crazy. well, crazier than i already am.

thanks for taking time to read this, julien. i say julien because i know she's probably the only one who'll read this.

xoxo, amy
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July 18th, 2005]
you know how i said i'll be sad and depressed?
i got there.
and im bitchy, too.
but thank god OCNJ is 5 days away...=D

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July 16th, 2005]
i'm lonely & sad.
and, oh. i might get depressed soon.
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July 13th, 2005]

here ya goCollapse )

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July 11th, 2005]
i haven't updated since the 7th, so i think its time to update. on the 8th, it was my brother's 20th birthday and my aunt kate had her baby =) it's a boy, named Chase Adam. i can't wait to see the baby. on saturday, i worked at the riverfest with katelyn and heather. isaiah came to visit =) but yeah, i had fun there. i spent the night at katelyn's on saturday. i <3 her. and as for today, i went to the LHU basketball camp from 9am-4pm. then i came home, colored, talked to nicole for a little, & hung out with my mom. then at 6:45 i went to zimmerli with the blazina boys to play some basketball until 9:15ish. we talked most of the time, but i had a good time. tomorrow, i have another day full of basketball...but whos complaining? annnnd ohh! 11 days until OCNJ. yippee! i haven't hung out with nicole in awhile, but i'll be with her for 8 days straight, 24/7, and i don't wanna get tired of her =P (psh, yeah. like i actually would.) and i miss julien. i need to hang out with her before i leave. i'll update latttter. comment*
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July 7th, 2005]
helllo. today was fun. i went to open gym up at the highschool. came home, didn't do much. then isaiah invited me to play basketball with him, caleb, jordan, david, and derek at the college. so, i just got home playing with them. and for the rest of the day, i'm going somewhere with katelyn. i think. at like, 5? i've got a headache now =( anyways. only 16 more days until OCNJ with nicole. and i think nicole and i are going to hang out with tara and amber since they're going to be down there the same time and they're only 3 streets away =) so, i can't wait until the beach.
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July 6th, 2005]
just checking out if i like this layout or not.
i <3 julien.
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